Staying Focused!

A healthy mind and body is the one that not only stays fit but also stays focused! Focus at work, school, household chores… in every walk of life is essential, else you will be working aimlessly. Setting goals for the day, being organised will help you finish a lot more tasks and complete them efficiently. Follow these simple steps and ‘DO MORE’ with yourself and your time:

  1. Get Organised: Get rid off all the clutter, clean your desk, you room. This will surely help you think, open your mind and work better.
  2. List it out: The oldest trick in the book. Make a to-do-list, a checklist. Nowadays, all smart phones come with apps that help you organise your day better or you can always use the old school pen and paper. Fill in your tasks of the day and stick it on the fridge or your pin-up board and strike off as and when you are done (sometimes the happiness of striking off a task gives more satisfaction than completing the task itself 🙂 ).
  3. Manage your time: Once you have listed your tasks of the day, break your day into parts. Giving time deadlines helps complete tasks better, faster and more efficiently (believe it or not, we all work better when we have the clock ticking on us 😉 ).
  4. Take breaks: Even if you have a ton of work (or chores) piled us, always take breaks. There is nothing more energising than regular breaks. Step out for coffee. Watch TV. Play a game. Talk to a friend. Take a walk. Get a quick spa therapy ( for Heaven in Office). And get back to your work with double the energy for sure.
  5. White Noise: Especially in the work environment, it is important to cut off the background noise and avoid all the distractions that are running in front of you. I find my white noise with music; plug-in my headphones, play some instrumental tracks and focus all energies to the work at hand (like write this blog post 😉 ).

One thing is for sure, focus and attention does not come with force, it has to be voluntary and from within. All these simple things (and many more) in your day will surely help you STAY FOCUSED and ultimately be more efficient, productive therefore balance your work life and live a healthy lifestyle. 😀

Share your personal ways of staying focused, any innovative ideas?


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