Top 10 Health And Wellness Goals For 2016!

Couple Receiving Massage At Spa

Every New Year we look forward to re-think our priorities in life and take a day of soul searching, achievements for this new year and what lessons of the past year you can carry forward. Try not to look at last year’s list and let your  to-do’s  be fresh and reflect your current desired health & wellness goals.
Here are top 10 health and wellness goals to be thoroughly followed in this 2016 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION : 
1.Think positive thoughts -About self and others; think positively about  goals. Smile often. Listen to the whole universe for more peaceful directions.
2.Get enough sleep-So that you can re-charge your internal ‘batteries’. Getting enough sleep can have a dramatic impact on a healthy well functioning body and brain. Also know that in deep sleep the brain can release growth hormones.
3.Move and exercise –Of course, exercise, running, biking, hiking, swimming, gym work out, weights, dancing and walking are to be on your list. And: don’t forget to stretch!!!!   
4.Eat fresh organic vegetables and fruits-About 3-5 servings per day, so that the body gets the nutrients it needs and so that the intestines get the fiber necessary to have a healthy digestion.
5.Take vitamins and minerals-Take a class on nutrition, read a book, use common sense.


6.Take care of your body- Take a Spa Day, get a massage and/or Foot Reflexology , Body Scrubs or Hair care twice a month, acupuncture if needed. A massage helps blood flow,clears blockages, revives skin, heals pressure points etc. Get into a routine that fits your body, schedule and wallet.
Remember that your body is the most precious asset you have.
7.Meditate –Every morning before the day starts and sweeps away. This is not supposed to be an arduous task but rather refreshing for the mind and soul. Take 10 – 20 minutes at the start of the day, before you do anything else! Even a 10 minutes meditation is a great start and makes a difference to have a grounded calming day, to be much more in control with a meditation routine.
8.Nurture social relations.-To communicate with friends, family and co-workers is very important. Nurturing those relationships will help you grow as a person. Social interactions also affects our brain health!
9.Detoxify  the body regularly –With Hydrotherapy at a spa with Sauna or Steam Room, by taking hot baths at home or by internal detoxification with fresh fruit juice fasts or other programs. Body Scrubs can helps do same as well. Toxins have a negative impact on our health and brain. It is possible to reduce toxins by filtering our drinking water, by drinking enough water every day and by simply eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Think ‘ABC’ as in apple-beets-carrots for a delicious detoxifying fresh juice drink.
10.Clean up the eating habits-We all want to get rid of our undesirable eating habits are. Plan ahead for the week on Sundays; prepare a couple of healthy meals that can be frozen and ready when needed.Also, prepare healthy snacks before work every morning. It keeps from snacking on chips and cookies when hungry. Healthy snacks often consist of an apple and a protein bar. It’s that simple!
Off to a new start into a productive, healthy and inspiring 2016!